vixy & Tony

from Flotsam from 2007 by Brooke Abbey

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I just thought you ought to be warned, see.


vixy & Tony C
enjoy macaroni Bb
and My Little Ponies F
(in an innocent way) G
(or was that Seanan?)

well, Tony & vixy C
are descended from pixies Bb
they aren't whistling dixie F
they're just jolly and gay! G

but vixy & Tony Am
are hounded by phonies E
whose doppelganged cronies C
are out to confuse! G

it's like getting bologna Am
when you want pepperoni E
to avoid errone C
ous views, heed this news! G

watch out for:
viny & Toxy C
whose munchausen by proxy Bb
was fixed with epoxy F
in a miracle cure G

voxy & Tiny C
who're alarmingly spiny Bb
they like to quote Pliny F
they're a little obscure G

toinxy and V Am
pretend to like potpourri E
to blend with the bourgeoisie C
to whom they're highly attuned G

ynoT & yxiv Am
stole Eratosthene's best sieve E
I don't think he'll forgive C
them anytime soon G

So stick with vixy & Tony C
Whose music harmoni Bb
ous isn't feloni F
ous in most jurisdictions! G


from Flotsam from 2007, released December 31, 2007




Brooke Abbey Vancouver

Brooke Abbey (formerly Brooke Lunderville) is a banjo-playing pharmacist from Vancouver, BC.

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