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After the party moved on from the pub run by Melinda's family, their travels took them past a deserted church where they took shelter. Where, it so happens, Melinda was trying to get a little private worship session in. Melinda's beau is one of at least three Darryls she has on the go. Whether they were named Darryl before she came along is an open question.


The Church of the Traveller is sacred to me G Csus4 G ( Gsus4 G )
Sometimes I'm moved to get down on my knees G Csus4 C (Csus4 C)
(Darryl likes that.)
It's not that I'm shamed that you've found me defrocked G Csus4 G (Gsus4 G)
But don't you adventurers know how to knock?! F C G

I'm glad that you heeded my other song's call
So my band wasn't hurt in your vampire pub brawl
But my gratitude's definitely going to fade
If you don't move along while I'm trying to get laid

It's not often a wizard's respectfully hushed
Or are you just impressed? Oh, you've made Darryl blush!
(He's just jealous, honey)
Weren't you all going to Vals-- ...you know what, I don't care.
If you must, you can stay here. HOW ABOUT UPSTAIRS.

Take a hint.





Brooke Abbey Vancouver

Brooke Abbey (formerly Brooke Lunderville) is a banjo-playing pharmacist from Vancouver, BC.

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