Missed Connections

from by Brooke Abbey

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This is not in any way autobiographical. I fall in love at 87th sight or later, and spend my transit commutes wishing death on people. But I feel for you romantics, y'know. Unless you stole my seat on the skytrain. In which case I'm glaring at you. Anyway this song is mostly the result of picking up a copy of the Straight on my way to work yesterday.


I saw you on the train downtown B G#
Whoever you are B
I guess that's all we have in common B G#
At least so far B

I thought you might have smiled at me
But you were on your phone
So maybe you were smiling at your mother
Or your girlfriend or the dialtone

-When I glance in your direction E
-I shut my mouth and get the vapors B
-My life is full of missing connections E
-And I write in to the last page of the paper B F#

If you had really said hello
I don't know if I could have stayed
I would have gotten off the train early
To keep from thinking what to say

-But it's nice to imagine as I write this
-I'm the pawn of serendipity
-And that somehow true love's kiss
-Will reply to this mailbox, toll free

-I'm too afraid of real-life rejections
-To open my mouth and to engage
-My life is full of missing connections
-And I write in to the newspaper's very last page

I saw you on the train downtown
Whoever you are
I guess that's all we have in common
The same subway car


from Thingies from 2013!, track released September 21, 2013




Brooke Abbey Vancouver

Brooke Abbey (formerly Brooke Lunderville) is a banjo-playing pharmacist from Vancouver, BC.

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